People wonder about the different care options for their loved ones. One of the most common questions asked is the difference between a nursing home, an assisted living facility and a care home. 

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Nursing Home

A nursing home is a professional skilled care facility staffed with licensed medical doctors, licensed nurses, social workers and CNA's caring for elderly patients . They typically are very large facilities and house many patients . They are just a step down from a hospital providing round-the-clock care and tend to have an institutional feel to them .

Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facility Is a facility that tends to be very large group home setting and usually has different levels of care for their patients from independent living to providing complete assistance . Large in nature, it can lose the personal touch and close home feel.

Care Home

Care home is a much smaller facility licensed for 20 / 4 and under. The goal of a licensed care home is to provide more individual care for their elderly patients. These care homes can focus more on an individual basis and in many cases the actual owner of the home over sees day to day operations and creates a family atmosphere. 

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