Craft care homes started from humble beginnings in 1956 long befor a license was needed to operate a facility. Craft Care Homes began out of necessity , our parents Don and Vera Craft were striving to keep up with the financial demands of raising there young family . Losing their first born daughter to spinal meningitis in 1954 , times were very tough for the young couple and with the addition of 3 boys, their financial worries were mounting. Father a carpenter by trade and mother loved the health care field . They took in their first patient 1956 and never looked back . Her little idea was growing so they packed up headed to Holt Mi to pine tree lane where they stayed for some 7 years and cared for two patients that lived with our family. 1970 mom and dad moved the business to 588 Edgar rd Mason Mi where we are still at to this day ! 1985 We bought 1800 Cedar St. Holt, MI,  a 20 bed facility.
Don and Vera never had a desire to get huge. I remember mom saying many times . You can't give quality care if your too big !